What would you say are your top problems as a parent? Are you hurt by comments of others about your parenting skills by those who have not been in your shoes? Are you lonely and lost friends who do not know what to say to you? Do you struggle to communicate with your spouse?

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Cheryl Ginnings is the best selling author, motivational speaker, certified life coach, and global radio host.  Cheryl’s message is one of hope and help.  Being the mom of a special needs son has empowered Cheryl to help others!.  She  understands the struggles and emotions of caring for someone who depends solely on you.

She is a walking resource of wisdom and courage herself.  She has a free report on “Top 5 Issues Families with Special Needs Face & Possible Solutions”.  She has created a support & resource group to give hope to everyone involved with any type of special needs.

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