Cheryl Ginnings is the best selling author, motivational speaker, certified life coach, and global radio host.  Cheryl’s message is one of hope and help.  She is a wife of 52 years and a mother of 3, one of which is a special needs child.  She has dedicated her life to helping others and empowering parents, children, and caregivers.  She has been cutting a path for others to follow for over 5 decades and understands the struggles and emotions of caring for someone who depends solely on you. 

She is a leader in the Christian community and caregiving circles all over the world.   She has written extensively on the subject of special needs.  She is a walking resource of wisdom and courage herself.  She has a free report on “Top 5 Issues Families with Special Needs Face & Possible Solutions”.  She has created a support & resource group to give hope to everyone involved with any type of special needs. To join the Courage 2 Overcome club and find support both locally and online, click here.


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