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Ten Weeks/Three surgeries!

If you have been following me during the time our special needs son was hospitalized, you will know that we were by his side in three different hospitals for three surgeries.

It is very hard to be away from home that long, but it was very needed for him — and for us! He needed us to be by his side, and even though many parents might have opted not to be there, we could be no where else.

Yes, there is a lot of sacrifice to stay away from home that long. Hotels, food, gas, and snacks to sustain us for a long time. Then there were nights we were on the uncomfortable pullout couch that was in the room, in order to save money.

There were days and nights we cried hard not knowing if he would pull through. Those notes on Facebook and in other messages, gave us courage to keep going. We heard from people we knew for many reasons that were praying and very concerned that our son pull through! And he did!!!

Knowing that he had so many things wrong, after thinking it would be a day surgery, we are so thankful to see him looking so good! The uncertainty of life really comes home to one who is unable to communicate much and only sit and watch day after day. From the grimacing on his face, to the moans and groans, we knew he was in extreme pain, but to see him now, that is just a bad memory!

If you have someone you are caring for, hang in there! Hug them and let them know you are there for them. Speak up to let nurses know that they need something when they cannot push the button or call for help. Caring for others is not always a thankful job, at least verbally, but you are doing a very important thing by caring for your loved one. It is more important than most everything else.

When it gets tough to hang in there and to deal with the uncertainty, just look around and see others in waiting rooms and visit with them. YOU might just learn that someone else is carrying a heavier load than you! Exchange information and pray for each other. Keep lines of communication open and you will feel restored by sharing loads with others.

If you have no one else, let me know and I can get you signed up to keep up with someone doing just what you are doing! Listen to those who are also caring for someone and you will renew your strength!                                –cg

Welcome to Courage 2 Overcome with Cheryl Ginnings

Welcome to Courage 2 Overcome with Cheryl Ginnings.  This blog is all about helping others and empowering people who care for special needs.  Follow me here as I share resources, wisdom and interviews with experts.  I’m so glad you are here!!!

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